Tony Sinclair

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April 5th, 2012

It has been a professional and personal privilege to know and work with Leo Karis. Leo represents some of the key on-air presenters and commentators working on Fox Sports channels and it is in that capacity that I had the majority of dealings with Leo over that period.

Leo is an honest, reliable and trustworthy person. He is true to his word and can be relied upon to faithfully represent his clients. He is patient and strategic and has never in my experience worked outside these parameters. He has an excellent knowledge of the people he represents and is honest with them and about them in his professional dealings.

I have worked with virtually every Australian sports agency, talent-representation organisation and individual over the past 25 years and consider Leo Karis to have standards equal to or better than the best of them. I have no doubt that Leo’s experience in working in overseas markets has given him a great insight in the market value of his clients and about being fair and reasonable in negotiating a successful outcome.

The Australian sports market is very small by international measures and a person’s reputation in that market is generally well known and forged early in their careers. Leo Karis enjoys an excellent reputation both in Australia and overseas and it is one that is well earned from many years of hard work and honest dealing.